Délıne | Where The Water Flows


[hana-flv-player video=”http://www.deline.ca/wp-content/uploads/CD Lake Trout1.flv” width=”500″ height=”400″ description=”Deline Land Corporation” clicktarget=”_blank” player=”4″ autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” /] Délįne has excellent facilities for anglers and hunters. The community is just a few short hours from the south by jet aircraft to Norman Wells or Yellowknife, with connections to the community via North-Wright Airways. A comfortable, modern hotel, Grey Goose Lodge, includes a restaurant with a spectacular view, conference room with high speed Internet access and gift shop featuring traditional crafts created by local artists. As well, the Grey Goose offers an off-site building in the town centre comprised of four self-serve units. The hotel caters to business retreats and family vacations. Liquor is restricted by a local plebiscite. Please check with your hosts before bringing liquor into the community. Local guides will escort you on a tour of the community, or take you out on the lake for a cruise in a small boat. Community and regional attractions include the Délįne Fisheries, Franklin’s Fort, and Edacho and Sahoyue parks. Great Bear Lake holds World Records for Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. Fish stay close to the surface in our cold, clean waters from early June to late September. A guide is required to fish our waters. Your guide will take you to the best fishing holes, share tips and techniques and a few fish tales. Enjoy the long summer days, our northern hospitality and a delicious shore lunch, a highlight of any day’s fishing. This is a trip you will remember for a lifetime. Packages include flyfishing trips on the Great Bear River for Arctic Grayling, as well as Walleye and Northern Pike excursions. For information on hunting and fishing, contact Grey Goose Lodge (867) 589-5500, email:  information@greygooselodge.ca or visit our website at: www.greygooselodge.ca.